If your new to 3D PRINTING and want to lear more about it Here


Half way through the Raised from the dead mod  have decided to get a 3D printer as with out it I would not have been able to make such a unique build. Especial the cable management would have been very hard to do with out 3D printed cable combs. I needed special 48 pin cable combs to hold the main power cables going down from the PSU.

Apart from those also design and 3D printed standard sized cable combs for 24, 8, 6 and 4 pin cables

Also a stand out feature of the build was as 3D printed SSD stand, with the S7 style feet holding up a platform where the SSD is held secured


The biggest and most use full thing i used 3D printing for was to print out the totally awesome Mostly printed CNC designed by Allted and posted up on Thingiverse.


My Designs on Thingivers

Based on my 3d printing the Mostly printed CNC i had to redesign the mount for my Makita RT0701C router so that it will fit onto the CNC. You can find the design HERE

The other thing i had to sort out was the dust made from the machine working. As the Makita is blowing its exhaust air down i had to design a dust shoe that will suck up all the dust and have to say it works really well. It is still under development but non the less it work really good, there is almost no dust flying around when the machine is operating. You can find the design HERE

Designed a Apple G5 case mod / Hackintosh mod – Power plug adapter mount, making it super easy to use any standard PSU power plug and mounting it to the Apple G5 case. The adapter just pops in the mount and then the mount is screwed onto the Apple G5 case, aligned with the original case holes so no drilling required. You can get the design HERE