I always wanted to have a CNC machine as it so use full when doing mods and after getting my self into 3D printing and after finding the designs for the Mostly Printed CNC from Allted there was no way for me not to go into CNC milling and making my self a CNC machine.

As the darn things are not so cheep, the price always kept me away from them, but the Mostly printed CNC machine is a real good prince and a awesome entry model into the world of CNC milling. After about 2 months of printing and assembling finally got the first motorized movements from the machine.


It is really a big learning curve to CNC milling, its much greater then for 3D printing, as so much things need to be considered when CNC milling is involved.

  • The type of material being worked on
  • Type of milling bit used
  • The speed of travel of the CNC machine
  • The RPM speed of the router tool
  • Dust and particle removal


The Mostly printed CNC machine is base on very simple but ingenious design and also the electronics are based on the technology that is used in 3D printers

  • RAMPS 1.4
  • Nema 17 motors
  • Belts
  • Conduit
  • 608Z bearing
  • Optionaly a LCD controller



Apart from using the machine for CNC milling the router can be taken of and replaced with a 3D printing head, or a Laser for engravings and cutting, or a knife for cutting out vinyl or a marker for drawing or writing, a really very use full tool.

After 2 years of service have decided to upgrade the unit to the new design provided by Allted and with that massively improve the stability of the middle assembly and the Z axis.