Welcome to my page, here you can find all of My Mods, I have created since i got involved in modding


Was my first true mod, a scratch build, from a old desk and a old PC case. The Desk has been designed to accept a ATX motherboard, 3-way SLI or Crossfire, 4 HDD’s or SSD’s  and its also ready to water cool all those components. Under the desk is a 480mm radiator and on the side 2x240mm radiators could be mounted for some extra cooling.

S7 PC Desk - By S7 Design

My 2nd mod. The idea behind it was to take 2 old PC cases, the bottom one being a cooler box for all the water cooling parts and the top case to be a unique one of a kind design. Apart from the mother board every thing else is modded out in one way or another. The main feature is the unique Water cooling, the double sleeved cabling, 3D printed parts, and much more…

Raised from the dead


A popular Mod of a very good looking case. It’s a transformation of the G5 case into a full ATX compatible case with 7 PCI slots, space for 4x HDD / SSD and some 3D printed goodness…

Apple G5 case mod / hackintosh by S7 Design

I have design a new version of the S7 PC Desk the 2015 version, it’s design is based on the bridge less  crossfire ability of AMD’s R9 290 Series as  main feature of the build, and accompanying that a sleek and stylish gamer design in black and red color scheme. I love old hardware and use it a lot in my work, but this desk deserves a chance to shine and i can not complete it with out help from some great SPONSORS. If you love the idea and the design please contact me on info@s7design.si or from the CONTACT page.

S7 Gaming PC Desk


  • X99 WORK STATION     When serious horse power is needed for serious work, like video editing, photo editing, rendering or just crunching data there is only one solution. Get your self a Workstation. Its a X99 based system with a i7 5820K it has 6 Cores and 12 Threads and alongside for now 32 GB of 4 Chanel DDR4 RAM. Check out the link for more details


Work station Build CPU: i7 5820K (6core / 12 thread)



  • My Main PC over the years  Its a story of my main PC since my first PC in 1994 till currently in 2016. From a Pentium 75 to a i7 6700K, and all the fun stuff and upgrades in between :)

5th main PC. z170, it 6700K, Nvidia TITAN x, Samsung PRO 950 NVMe, ASUS ROG