The idea behind the Raised from the dead project was very simple:

  • Take old Hardware i had left over at home
  • Do a quick spray paint of the case
  • Do some tests for Water cooling ideas
  • A 10 days job….
  • OOOOH how wrong was I

After a few days of work on the project i totally fell in love with it and could not do less then give it my best and make it the best mod that  i can make it.

And after 6 months of working on the mod very night i finally finished it and made one of the most unique mods out there.


To Top things of WON the MOD OF THE MONTH SEPTEMBER 2015 @ GURU3D.COM    ( in your face Titan X, beaten by at ATI 5870 :)))) )

and got 2nd place @ MOD OF THE MONTH JUNE 2015 @ BIT-TECH.NET


A detailed work log of the entire project with over 2000 pictures can be found on

There are also 2 more work logs on ModZoo and, that i have started  a bit later on into the build




For the specification hungry here is the list of components

Mother board: ASUS P5QL 775 socket

CPU: Q9400

RAM: 3 GB DDR2 800Mhz

SSD: 60 GB

GPU: ATI 5870


This is a quick pick of pictures during assembly, as said more then 2000 are uploaded onto OCN build log, bellow that are some Beauty pictures, and at the bottom there are the final pictures of the build


Beauty pictures


Final pictures, take in front of the new EKWB Factory


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