Introducing my first mod, The S7 Desk 2014!

This was a long time coming as it took me 1 year from when i got the idea to do a desk build till actually doing it. I’m very intrigued in Desk PC’s because its such a awesome concept having your PC in the desk and not having no worries about where you gonna put your case. And if you put it under glass you can always observe the beautiful components inside, you cant beat that,


The S7 desk was created from a old desk and a old PC, from where i got the mother board tray and PCI slots, and also the mounts for the drives. The initial design was that the desk be air cooled, but along the way that changed and installed a power full water cooling system inside of it


The main features of the S7 Desk 2014 are:

  • Unique design and the wow factor of a PC desk
  • Compatible with mother boards up to ATX format
  • Can accept up to 3 GPU’s for a 3-way SLI or Cross fire configuration
  • Can accept up to 4 HDD’s or SSD’s
  • Unique water cooling loop,
  • Space to install a 480mm radiator and 2 X 240mm radiator for extreme water cooling
  • LED and UV-LED lighting
  • Missile launch style Power switch
  • Double bottom for cable management

The full build log for the S7 Desk can be found on at, on the bellow link



The initial Hardware that was inside the S7 Desk 2014 was mostly of a prototype nature, but it held its own, when i took the S7 Desk around on LAN parties across Slovenia

The hardware inside was:

Mother board: Gigabyte 775 socklet

CPU: P4 HT 3.0 Ghz

GPU: GTX 285

HDD and SSD : 300GB and 60 GB


Here are some pictures of the construction of the desk, more you can find on the OCN link above, and bellow you can find pictures from all the EVENTS i took the S7 desk 2014 to:

Blizzcon 2014 – Ljubljana


EPIENTER LAN 4 – Murska Sobota





CPU: i7 3770K

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP4 TH

GPU: 970 Strix

RAM:DDR 3 1600 12 GB Corsair Dominator

SSD: 2x Intel 330

Custom paracord sleeving


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